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You may have noticed a new addition to our website – W3W Pinpoint link.

What3Words is a location tool which allows us to share a pinpoint location. We can point to a specific parcel of land, identify a desired entrance to use or even a parking space. His is a great tool to share with family and friends when showing them the house you are looking at or a place to meet before a viewing.

What3Words have split the world into 3m squares and gives each one a unique identifier made from 3 words. The words can’t be chosen and can often be quite quirky but a fun tool to use.

Learn how to use what3words here:

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Virtual valuation advice

During times when we are not able to physically visit your property, we can still offer valuation advice so you can continue the process in selling your home. We have qualified valuers which are happy to undertake virtual tours of your home, provide you with comparables along with up to date market advice and comparable sales to ensure confidence when entering into the market. We can seamlessly link each stage of the sales process for you. Dont miss your dream home.

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Ciaran Gray Grays Estate Agents
"Welcome to Grays Estate Agents"
Founded by Island born Ciaran Gray (FNAEA), Grays is the next chapter in improving the Isle of Man property market through superb quality of service, innovation and creativity. Since 2007 Ciaran has developed his passion for property and creative advertising to create the best system in cutting edge brand positioning and marketing. We are dedicated to grow a creative team comprising professional photographer, videographer, social/digital designers and CAA licensed drone pilot. Quite simply, no other agency in the Isle of Man can offer the value that we do by having these services in house.
“We focus on finding you the biggest audience possible using high end creative content and adopting cultural context of NOW. We have one goal – to create content that works.
I want every client to feel they are the focus of our work. We are determined to make sure our clients stay with Grays because of our innovative service and the results we achieve”

Dont rely on Telepathy - Register your criteria

At Grays we are working discreetly behind the scenes matching transactions that at times are not publicly seen. So if you are looking do not rely on telepathy, register your criteria with us and allow us to use our tools to match you to your new home. We recommend you have finances in place; speed is of the essence in the current market. 

View from anywhere...

We keep up to date with all the latest tech, gadgets, software, digital and social platforms and give consideration as to how it can improve your buying/selling experience.

'Virtually Home' is another option that Grays provide allowing buyers to view homes via a video link. We appreciate it does not replace the full experience of a physical viewing, the smells, the light, the feeling of space, the sounds, but it can certainly help buyers make a more informed decision, if you can not physically view. We offer clients the option for a video tour of their house allowing us to capture the character and the best parts of their home with the videos attached to the listing or available to view on Grays Estate Agents Youtube channel. Alternatively we can offer virtual viewings with an agent linking up with FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Live video, Facebook live etc. They can go into more detail answering questions as we show you around the property. 

' 97.6% of Grays clients are walking away with the full asking price'

Since launching in Mid 2020 the team at Grays have been focused on providing the best service through each stage of the estate agency process. The market has had limited comparable sales available due to a spike in demand, that has seen and an upward trend in values. The skill of the valuer is then to predict at what level it is at to ensure the best price possible is achieved for the seller. We take pride in the results we have achieved so far, having consistently been on point. Using in house data, market analysis and team work Grays continually provide upto date market advice and marketing setting new precedents on values for many clients. Coupled with strong negotiations 97.6% of Grays clients are walking away with the full asking price. Sensational results. 

Founder Ciaran Gray - "I am really proud of our team and the results we are achieving for our clients. The continued referrals and recommendations are always a good indication that we are getting it right"