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Have you been thinking about moving home but haven’t got your house on the market yet?

The property market is extremely buoyant at the moment with new properties coming onto the market and then selling just as quickly. As an agent we have a large database of buyers ready to proceed i.e., first time buyers with a mortgage approved in principle, cash buyers or people who have sold their property subject to contract.

If you are hoping to move house and have a property to sell, the best advice we can give you is to get your property on the market sooner rather than later, so you are ready to proceed once you have found your next home. As well as being in a position to proceed, you also have less stress when trying to sell your home to secure your next property. If you were not able to proceed it could lead you to accepting a lower offer on your property in order to secure your next home.

People often think they are going to be homeless if they market their house – this is simply not the case. We, as agents will ensure your buyers are aware of your situation and will keep them updated throughout your property search. With the current lack of properties on the market, buyers are willing to wait for their perfect home.

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