Grays Estate Agents on the Isle of Man

Grays was founded by Island born Ciaran Gray – Ciaran has been involved in the Isle of Man property market for over 15 years and is no stranger in developing a successful agency. Combined with his love for photography and digital media, Grays offer and enhanced approach to the traditional estate agency process.

“I believe that the role of an estate agent has changed and is evolving quickly. The professional aspects remain the same but there has been a huge shift in well executed content creation and marketing. The more people interested in your property increases the strength in negotiating the best possible price.

We focus on finding you the biggest audience possible using high end creative content and adopting cultural context of NOW. We have one goal – to create content that works.

I want every client to feel they are the focus of our work. We are determined to make sure our clients stay with Grays because of our innovative service and the results we achieve”

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