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Preparing your home for sale

First impressions count. When buyers are looking for their new home, it is key to invest some time and effort up front to prepare your house to help buyers picture themselves living in your home. It is also important to show your properties full potential to give it the best outlook and therefore there will be more positive feedback and a faster sale!

Treat this as a checklist to prepare your home:

  • Declutter
  • Home staging and effective use of space (sells your property 73% faster)
  • Depersonalise
  • Improve your lighting
  • Sort out smells
  • Be inspired
  • Enhance kerb appeal
  • Keep it clean
  • Maintenance – finish odd jobs
  • Garden upkeep

In conclusion it is easy to overlook the details in your property that can make or break a sale. By making sure you are always viewing your property from a buyer’s perspective and acting like it is the first time you have seen your property, it will impress buyers who in return will impress you with good feedback and offers.